"We are an Authentic Transformative Spiritual Community ~ Centered in God, we co-create a world that works for all."

Sunday Meetings, 11:00 a.m.  -  3918 San Juan Ave, in Port Townsend

Unity Spiritual
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Uniting with the spiritual community of Unity is one that lives our statements of

UNITY - Spirituality with . . . Open Hearts . . . Open Minds

You need not change your affiliations to any other spiritual tradition or church to become a part of the Unity circle.  You need only feel that this gathering of fellow seekers is your spiritual home.  With membership, you are simply honoring the inner connection you have with Unity and with this Port Townsend group of kindred souls.
Please complete a Membership Card and see Rev. Pam to join.

Our Membership Promise:
Unity Church of Port Townsend has become my spiritual home. I wish to hereby join this community in full, active membership.  I open to experience a peaceful, grace-filled life in this Authentic Transformative Spiritual Community as together we share our gifts and blessings in loving celebration of the Path of the Universal Christ.


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Unity Spiritual Enrichment Center

Authentic . . .

Where all can honestly share their soul journey and talents

Transformative . . .

Where each can grow consciously and gracefully at depth

Spiritual . . .

Where the many miraculous expressions of Spirit are welcomed

Community . . .

Where all of life is shared amid caring, kindred spirits

Welcome to
Unity Spiritual Enrichment Center
of Port Townsend, WA

Unity is an Authentic Transformative Spiritual Community . . .

Centered in Godde, we co-create a world that works for all.

Unity is a positive, practical, progressive approach to Christianity based on the metaphysical teachings of Jesus and the mystical power of prayer.  

Unity celebrates the universal truths in all religions and honors each individual’s right to choose a spiritual path.

Come home to a circle of kindred spirits where we seek to celebrate that Divine Presence which infills and unites all of us and our world.

Our Unity Prayer



Beach Wise by Rev. Pam Douglas-Smith

Living on a peninsula has its own magic.  Being surrounded on three sides by water gives one an open perspective on the world and its possibilities.  Instead of abiding amid solid earth, our flowing Salish Sea brings currents and tides to our shores and invites us to embrace the wonder of change.  At the heart of the peninsula are the Olympic Mountains and National Forest, but we live mostly at the far edges with shorelines of towns and farms and beaches. The sea is ever beckoning us out to observe and enjoy the beauty of the world that surrounds us.

There’s something magical about the seashore and its beaches.  From early childhood, we walk the sands in search of shells glistening . . . we build sandcastles with moats of seawater and turrets made of driftwood . . . we search the water’s edge for sand dollars and tidal pools for sea life in its tiny forms.  As adults, we return to this sacred space to breathe fresh air that smells of salt and to walk upon soft sand as we step over driftwood and stones . . . we still look for shells, perhaps still build sand castles and notice the small things we are usually in too much of a hurry to notice in our daily lives.  It is a place of magic for us still.  

The beach is a place of ever shifting natural wonder.  A place where sea and sky and land merge, yet each still holds its own completeness.  The sky above the water changes minute by minute as sunlight radiates and clouds pass overhead.  The surface of the sea responds to breezes from above and currents from its own depths with surf tipped waves that are called “white horses” in Scotland.  How beautiful the bays and straits are when the white horses are running across the surface.  Even the land transforms in shape and size with the tidal level of the seas.  One day a beach is there to walk upon and the next it may be submerged beneath changing waters.   

We are so blessed to be have so many beaches here on the Olympic Peninsula, and each beach has its own unique character  . . . from North Beach in Port Townsend where the sunlight still shines on the horizon even at night in summer . . . to the exciting tumultuous waves of the Pacific Coast that humble one . . .  to a low tide walk out to the intricately carved sea stack at Port Angeles’ Salt Creek Park  . . . and to the long, slender expanse of smooth sand that draws you all the way to the Lighthouse at the Sequim Spit.    

On some beaches, the waves bring in tiny shells as tokens to discover.  On others, little rocks or large boulders are left behind at high tide.  There are even sea glass beaches where treasures of colored glass have been tossed into smoothness by the motion of the sea and left to be found.  And everywhere, one finds the beautiful stacking of stones from large to small in the symmetry of little cairns marking the path by other beach walkers.  

There is a perfect inspiration about beach life that my mother gifted me with many years ago . . . Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh.  It was first printed in 1955, but has continued to be a treasured book for generations.  In it, the wife of the world renowned pilot Charles Lindbergh shares her life much of which was spent on beaches around the world.  It is a beautiful meditation on the joys of beach living, and how it reflects our daily lives in its timeless wisdom.

In the beginning, she reminds us of what we tend to do far too often in modern life ~ probably far more so even than when she wrote the original manuscript.  She arrives for her beach time with a faded straw bag filled with things to do, books to read and projects to complete while at the beach in retreat.  She has forgotten for a moment that “the beach is not the place to work, to read, to write or to think.”  It is a place to lay down all those outer things for a while.

For it is the place to fall into nature and to just be, remembering that we are ‘human beings’ rather than ‘human doings’.  As she settles into what she calls “beach-wise” life with a gentle drifting through her day in tune with the cycles of the tides, she finds that from the depths of her own being treasures emerge.  “Patience, patience, patience, is what the sea teaches.  Patience and faith.  One should lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach ~ waiting for a gift from the sea.”

We, too, can encounter our beach walks not just as times out in nature but also as holy moments of communion with something larger than ourselves.  We can build sandcastles that disappear with the next tide or collect stones to create cairns we leave for others.  We can walk just on the dry part of the sand or let the waves lap over our feet.  We can run toward the incoming waves or retreat from the splashing surf to higher ground.  Each a special moment . . . a nourishing of soul and a renewal of life energies from encounters with the sea and its shore.

What gifts has walking on beaches brought you?  The gift of time alone in silence or walking in conversation with a loved one.  The little treasures you begin to notice as you look down at the sand around your feet.  Treasures that may not have been there before that last high tide deposited them for you to find.  All reflective of the movement of your inner tides and the emergence of new awareness as you open to receive it.

As Anne Morrow Lindbergh begins her return to life after her beach time, she remembers the most important gift of from the sea . . . “There are other beaches to explore. There are more shells to find. This is only a beginning.”

We are blessed to live on a peninsula, so to find a beach takes very little effort.  To make the time to be really present to all that awaits you there perhaps takes a bit more effort, but how worthwhile.  Gift yourself with something wonderful . . . become truly beach-wise.

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We’ll start our Unity Circle with “The Five Principles: A Guide to Practical Spirituality” by Ellen Debenport ~ Allowing time to explore each chapter.

 Get your copy at the Unity Bookstore for only $15.  Grab a coffee and join in fun metaphysical discussions.  



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