"We are an Authentic Transformative Spiritual Community ~ Centered in God, we co-create a world that works for all."

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You need not change your affiliations to any other spiritual tradition or church to become a part of the Unity circle.  You need only feel that this gathering of fellow seekers is your spiritual home.  With membership, you are simply honoring the inner connection you have with Unity and with this Port Townsend group of kindred souls.
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Our Membership Promise:
Unity Church of Port Townsend has become my spiritual home. I wish to hereby join this community in full, active membership.  I open to experience a peaceful, grace-filled life in this Authentic Transformative Spiritual Community as together we share our gifts and blessings in loving celebration of the Path of the Universal Christ.

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Unity Spiritual Enrichment Center

Authentic . . .

Where all can honestly share their soul journey and talents

Transformative . . .

Where each can grow consciously and gracefully at depth

Spiritual . . .

Where the many miraculous expressions of Spirit are welcomed

Community . . .

Where all of life is shared amid caring, kindred spirits

Welcome to
Unity Spiritual Enrichment Center
of Port Townsend, WA

Unity is an Authentic Transformative Spiritual Community . . .

Centered in Godde, we co-create a world that works for all.

Unity is a positive, practical, progressive approach to Christianity based on the metaphysical teachings of Jesus and the mystical power of prayer.  

Unity celebrates the universal truths in all religions and honors each individual’s right to choose a spiritual path.

Come home to a circle of kindred spirits where we seek to celebrate that Divine Presence which infills and unites all of us and our world.

Our Unity Prayer Pam’s  France Pilgrimage 2013 Journal

Come to France with Rev. Pam ~ Sept 2014


Our 2014 Theme: Mystical Soul Journey
July Sunday Messages: Unity and Kabballah


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Summer has arrived on the Peninsula bringing with it long days filled with warm sunshine . . . from the early rays of morning light streaming across bountiful fields to the distant glow radiating from the North even as the cows nestle in for the night. This time of year has its own rhythm in the world . . . gardening, sailing, beach glass collecting and margaritas at Sirens.  Local farms come alive with new lambs, baby chicks, organic vegetables, colorful fruit, and fragrant lavender.  The Farmers’ Markets everywhere offer up the rich and plentiful bounty brought forth by humanity in creative harmony with nature.  It is a time of light and of Light . . . embracing all that lies before our eyes in this beautiful place we call the Olympic Peninsula.

Light is essential to life. It is not by accident that the summer months invite us out into the world while the winter months find us cozied down by our hearths.  Now is a time of light.  The Quantum Physicist David Boehm tells us that “All matter is frozen light.” This is in profound alignment with the ancient teachings of the world spiritual traditions.  All around the world, celebrations of the outer light of the universe occur as the equinoxes and solstices cycle though seasons in a cosmic pattern that reflects the outer order of nature, our perceptions of time and space, and the individual soul unfoldment through changing light and eternal Light.  

In most spiritual traditions, the recognition of the inner Light of the human soul is deeply interwoven into concepts of the place of communion between humanity and divinity.  The honoring of these cyclical processes and deeper truths adds a richness of understanding to life.

From the most ancient traditions in Egypt, light has been synonymous with higher consciousness and the divine.  It was taught that light appeared when the sun god Ra opened his eyes and darkness occurred when he shut them.  To this day we say we need to “see the light” in a circumstance in our lives to have that higher understanding, and we seek “enlightenment” to have spiritual connection with the divine by whatever name one may call it . . . Ra, God, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna or Godde.

The Hebrew and Christian Scriptures begin in Genesis with the famous line . . .”Let There Be Light.”  In the beautiful tradition of the Jewish Kabbalah, it is said that we have been sent to reunite the shards of Light that were scattered to the edges of our universe during creation. The Cathars in 12th century France believed that through a union of the Light generated by each act of kindness or prayer we would create Terra Lucita – a World of Light.   

In the tradition of the Sufis, the mystical branch of Islam, the experiences of light in the manifest world and in the inner world of spirituality are but one Light. The Hindu Chandogya Upanishad speaks to the same Truth, “There is a Light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond us all, beyond the heavens, beyond the highest, the very highest heavens.  This is the Light that shines in our heart.”   In the Sukhavativyuha Sutra of the Buddhist scriptures, we encounter the Buddha of Measureless Life who is also called the Buddha of Boundless Light, Unimpeded Light, Ineffable Light, and Light that Surpasses Sun and Moon.  

In ancient times, depth spiritual experiences and transformational work were done within the auspices of sacred spaces with their ritual framework.  Novitiates progressed in perception and integrated new views of life as they moved toward discipleship and then mastery.  In these times for us, something new has emerged . . . the initiatory process is experienced in our full outer world every day with all of its relationships, challenges and blessings.  This is a time of seeing ourselves, our lives and our shared world as a place of transformation and Light.   It is embracing the importance of our perceptions, and then expanding them as we do like the ancients and “orient” ourselves, turning our faces toward the realm of the rising sun with its coming illumination at all levels of being.

Energetically, we are living in a time of universal alchemy.  We are in an Age where we are shifting from working from the prior level of water which represents the inner, unconscious, emotional realm into one of working at the level of fire in which we engage powerful transformative energies.  Fire is symbolic of Light.  It is the warm, cozy hearth, it is the candle that illumines a room, it is the spark of creativity within, it is the purifier of impurities, and it is the conflagration that reduces all to ashes.  Its powerful creative, spiritual energies call each of us to be like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, for even so does so our consciousness arise with enlightenment.  From this true Light, we can truly transform alchemically at depth and at every level of being.  Our world is born anew in summer’s Light.

Recently, some quantum physics particle researchers had something new and amazing “come to Light” with the discovery of the Higgs Boson subatomic particle, being commonly referred to by many as the “God Particle.” Its essence is the creative life spark in the energetic form of Light.   I was fascinated when one interviewed scientist reflected upon his discomfort with the use of a spiritual term like God in relation to this scientific discovery.  Then, with a quizzical look, he admitted that it was quite interesting even for him that the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures open with “Let there light,” and that it was essentially what he was saying as well.  This blended model of the universe aligns perfectly with Lynn McTaggart when she wrote, “What quantum calculations show is that we and our universe live and breathe in a sea of motion . . . a quantum sea of light. Science for the first time was proving God’s existence.”  The truth of the ancients is harmonizing in powerful ways with the truth of the modern age . . . the long overdue reconciliation of science and spirit into a united world view is finally emerging in our collective consciousness.

We are called to action now to reintegrate spiritual perceptions established deeply and intrinsically within the perennial wisdom expressed within all our world spiritual traditions. The ancient wisdom is awakening anew and continues to “Light our way.” The Hopi Tradition envisions us now shifting to a higher level of spiritual and material understanding in the unfolding of the next great Spiral of Life.  Their wisdom includes the wonderful reminder that “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”  It is our time, it is our calling, it is our responsibility, and it is our honor to exist at this time in human evolution and expanded consciousness.

It is time for us to “Let there be Light” as we celebrate the wonder of summer on the Peninsula and open to receive the bounty of all we have created together.


“Bountiful Light”


Rev. Pam Reflections May 30 2014.wma

Unity youth Programs Present

A monthly Pizza
and a movie night

The last Friday of each month

(following the all ages music jam)



High Watch Prayer Class/Chaplain Training

Beginning July 9, Wednesday 7-9pm for 6 weeks for deepening your prayer life and then 2 weeks more for those wanting to serve as Prayer Chaplains. This will be led by Revs. Chuck & Tica Sances with David Goldsmith and Rev. Pam.

Women’s Mists of Magdalene Retreat

on Mon, July 21 – Wed, July 23 at Harmony Hill Retreat Center. Preregistration required but we do have more room for interested women, so please see the attached flyer.

WAnnual Unity Campout at Fort Flagler coming August 17-20  

Mark your calendar now!


Grandfather Bear’s Long House Blessing

Saturday, July 19 at 2pm to offer blessings for the new Cowlitz Long House in Centralia. This is a once in a lifetime event, and will be a gathering of several Unity congregations that Rev. Roy Wilson/Grandfather Bear is involved with. Car pooling may be possible, so contact Unity if you’re interested.